Ratty's Shack

My 2010 Coast to Coast and Back Canadian Winter Ride into History

Rat's Winter Run Continued

From then on i justed wanted to ride and ride ect... but the fuel tank only holds out for so long and -61 needs some lunch



It’s very late the sun had quickly left and I needed to get some gear changed for night time riding so i kept an eye open for a fuel sighn along the hiway,The area that I was at was mainly a vacation area in the Summer and Winter months so after finding a driveway off to the right of the hiway i pulled into the gas station and another line up but this linup was nothing but Snowmobiles and thier electric suited nose flying in the air my sled’s better than yours snobs it was where all of the cabins people met after a days sledding to top up the tanks and ready for the next days adventure and what a beutiful sight it was as i idled past them all and butted my way in the line to the fist pump that was available.Jaws were a hanging all over the whole station and hardly a whisper from the croud standing around my bike and me.One fellow next to me was able to ask me where i was coming from and when i said Cartwright Labrador he was flaborgahsted as well as most of the others,If a person ever has a shinning moment this was my close second.My eyes were watering and not from the -45 temperature or the pain from some frozen toes but they were watering from the laughter i felt inside.


I rode on through most of the night and made it to Schriber Ont. where i had spent a few nights when going the opposite way,the owners were out of town so i never got to see them the next day before i got going again.The next stop was the Parking lot of the OPP detachment near the Ontario border.It was an unexpected stop because i noticed when i pushed or pulled on the handle bars the bike was all wobbly not feeling quite right and when i stood up on the foot pegs the front seemed to be fine and when i looked at the rear of the bike i saw that there was not much of a spce between the rear rim and the road suface hmmm.Yup rear flat really really flat worked ok unless making turns kinda flat.


I saw the OPP sighn so i figured it would be safer in thier parking lot to fix the flat tire but as one would expect from cops i was told i could not do the repair there.They told me to ride into town twenty minutes down the road and i could use the service stations parking lot the were closed so it would be ok there.Ya sure fellas thanks you ****k***** Bas***ds,and of course it was night time again so i gingerly tried to get the bike rolling up out of thier parking lot and just as i was turning to go towards town the tire comes off the rim. Here i sit...........................minuted go by......................still sitting..............pondering what should i do set the bike on fire and walk away................hmmmmmm.A Minivan comes over the crest of the overpass and stops just passed me,the window winds down and from the darkness i hear a womans voice Are You ok are you broken down ? I said i had a flat so the voice says wait here we will be right back and off they go.Not Five minutes pass and a small SUV pulling a flat deck trailer used for snowmobiles does a u turn where i am at at a fellow jumps out and says let’s get the bike loaded up.He took me down the road to his home where he has a heated dubble car garage he backs up to it and we offload the bike right inside.These people were awsome to take a total stranger to thier house and helped me get the flat fixed.I coulden’t thank them enough for the rescue,I was at a total loss frozen cold flat tire pissed off at the ignorant OPP not a happy person when his wife drove up.and in a matter of an hour i was back on the road.



  It took the two of us to get the tube repaired well actually to get the valve stem back into the hole in the rim, the tire was so frozen that we could barley get a couple of fingers in the space while one held the tire up from the rim the other tried to get that fricken stem into the hole and well it only took an hour to get a tube fixed it was an hour of lost travel time. I thanked them and got back on my way only this was a ride into the town to grab a motel room. Early next morning I did the check out and grabbed a good full breakfast before getting serious traveling done. Boom before I knew it I was back in Schreiber Ontario back at my new friends Motel big mileage and a much needed warm shower and a hot dinner and Bed.


Now to be quite honest I cannot really remember my next stops because I just wanted to get back home in time to collect on the bet that the Chump had made me.I made quite a few stops for pictures of things that cought my eye.







Have you ever been cought in a Ice Fog?








I made it as far as Kamloops B.C. before the front tire let go on me. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun loving life so to speak and I noticed that the bike was feeling a little wishy-washy if I shook the handlebars from side to side so I stood on the pegs and had a peek at what the front tire was doing other that going round and round and to my surprise there was no air in it, I could tell this because I could see into the space between the tire and the Rim ,RotRoe.First place I saw was the KTM dealership along the side road adjacent to the Hiway so I wheeled into their parking lot and asked if it would be ok if I fixed my flat and wouldn’t you know it these guys were related to the OPP Pricks,Unbeliveable No I was not allowed so I say Fuck KTM ! Across the other side of the Hiway there is another bike shop so I ride over to it on my now wobbly flat tire and asked if it was ok and not only was it alright their mechanic helped me out free of charge. There is a pic of the dealership in the same place as the couple that let me use their garage.


Well it took no time to make it home, Boom like lightning. I was back at my little shack by the ocean aka Rat’s Shack.

There were many special memories that i have got from this ride that i have failed to mention like for exsample the running of the Caribou that Gerry video taped here is a link of Gerry's Truck hunt trying to keep the Caribou out of the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHAabpQ48oY  .Gerry became a very good friend of mine he also made a photo story for me in tribute to the ride he makes these as a hobby http://www.youtube.com/user/OleTrout#p/a/u/2/ogvxl46PX9g

As for the Bet that was made in BaieComeau QUE. well read the Blog Chump or not a Chump, it has a copy of Paul(The Iceman) Mondor’s email to me.He is a poor example of of a Canadian Rider, he has no honor and is a Liar,He cannot and should not be trusted with anyones life and if you feel that i am trashing this clowns character He has none ask the other people from the 2010FBT to back up what i am saying.I would get great satisfaction watching this guy bounce himself and his ride off of the front of a Tractor Trailer and he can lick me where i stink!.This is My opinion about him take it or leave it it’s up to you.


I’m not a writer just a rider