Ratty's Shack

My 2010 Coast to Coast and Back Canadian Winter Ride into History

Ratty and the Beast A long Long way around

The Beast  2010 BMW R1200GSA


In the begining


I guess one could say this is a new start after the Winter ride in 2010,I need to get alot of warmth put back into these old bones so I'm heading down to the equator for a bit and see if i can avoid some of those disease carrying mosquitos.From there down to Ushuaia.Keeping in mind i have the Darien Gap to deal with along the route,Obsticle or challenge Hmm.Hey BMW I need some stuff !want to help me out?

  Unfortunatly Google Maps will not allow me to make a route to this destination from the Mexican states so you can add your own lines using your Imagination.

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