Ratty's Shack

My 2010 Coast to Coast and Back Canadian Winter Ride into History

Special Thanks for the people that have helped me complete my Ride

Greg and Irwin in Kenora Ontario Canada

Irwin on the Left and Greg on the Right I met the two when i tried to get my bike started,It was frozen and a jump start failed to work so Irwin went home and picked up a Big bastard kerosine burning heat blaster and while we were warming the block of my engine i discovered that the jumper cables had a break in one of the wires after the bike has been hooked up to Greg's truck for about 2 hours i think. 

So i cut and repaired the broken cable hooked the cables up and in three minutes the Bike fires up.I lost alot of time getting back on the road,I failed to see the break in the cables,a proper test to make sure that they were in working order  *( note to self;  carry Jumper cables during Winter Travel  **sub note to self; must check connections of cables first with a spark test )

 Thanks to the both of you without your help i would not be here at home right now,if i have your names wrong or backwards please tell me as soon as you can so that i can make a correction,after all you deserve all of the recognition that i can get you ,for helping a traveller in need !  

Dwayne Smith left and Joe Presta right  Drydon Ontario





  After having my bike freeze up the night before i found Dwane locking up for the night and he asked if i would like to keep my bike in his shop for the night,Of course i did and stayed at a motel across the street. The next day i was able to get a full days travelling in thanks to him and the use of his shop.*(note to self;never store a bike indoors after travelling down a salty highway.) Salts disolve when warmed and travel everywhere including electrical.


 Don and Brigit  Voyager Motel and Resteraunt Schriber Ontario






  Thank you both for the warm welcome and hospitality that you gave me as well as the wunderfull BBQ steaks at your home.I really enjoyed the conversations with you both and will look forward to seing you both again. 

   Chris and Amanda Barre Kenora Ontario 

 After being rejected from the OPP for the use of a floor to repair my flat rear tire i was sitting at the roadside when Amanda and her son rolled up and asked if i needed help.She went home after telling her i had a flat rear tire and got her husband Chris come up with a trailer.We loaded the bike up and went to thier home where i was able to repair the tire with Chris's help and i was on my way home again. & Thank you both for allowing me to make use of your shop and time,the motel you reccomended was clean cheap and much needed.

  The people of Rivercity Cycle    



 After being refused to repair my front flat tire across the street at the KTM Dealer i went and asked if i could make use of thier parking lot and air hose,not only did they allow me to fix the flat there they allowed the mechanic to give me a hand if i needed it Thank you very much for allowing me to get the flat repaired but also for helping a traveller in need.You Folks Rock in my books and i will now never ever purchase a KTM because of the treatment that i recieved from the dealer across the street from you, KTM SUCKS !


 I would also like to give thanks to the shops along the road that put me in first to thier shops when serious problems arose 




 Wilwood Motorsports Winnipeg Manitoba

Thanks guys for the help,first going through Winnipeg they helped unfreeze the bike and then going home sold me a rear tire. 



  The Ottawa Good Time center for relacing the fork seals that blew out I'm sorry for the pics not showing up on my camera.







 I also want to give thanks to the friends i made in Baie Comeau Quebec for thier friendship and Hospitality

   Alain Perron ,Your a great person and i will look forward to seeing you again but this time i buy the coffee

   Rene i had alot of fun and am also looking forward to seeing you again and maybe my French will have improved lol.

   Doug Poole you had taken me out of the dungeons of my hotel and fed me a fantastic lunch and supper,The pics i was to get of you at your work never came through but i will still be taking you up on the transportation over Seas.   Ps.   How well did your Tarmigan hunt go?  

             And Saving the best for last Mr.and Mrs. G Malone  


                                   You both are the brightest part of my ride,Gerry you helped me through some tough decisions and also gave me the motovation to make my ride from Coast to Coast and Back I realy enjoyed my stay there even though you just wanted a dog whisperer LOL.TY TY TY for the good times and the warm stay at your home.Ps Willie get the Cat !


 A very Special Thanks to the O.P.P. ( Ontario,Provincial,Police ) for doing such a fine job and also making sure my Driver's Licence and Insurance Papers were Current and Valid.