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My 2010 Coast to Coast and Back Canadian Winter Ride into History

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I have been asked why not ride a Harley on the FBT and i replied

                    "I needed a bike that will start !"                    

                    I was then asked why not own a Harley so i said

          " I left that kind of ride for my brother the one known as Pinky."



   Well i am a born and raised biker brat gone old with two older brothers ya i'm the baby of the family.My life and experiences have tought me how to survive and these experiences i have passed on to my three male siblings,i cannot call them boys now because they are all grown up now.Coop the oldest and the Twins Pig and midget were all raised from me as a single parent.

  I have worked in on undeneath up down and across in almost every common trade however i have had some unique oppertunities to have created and built what alot of people have seen and never paid any heed to.There were some that were famous and also some that changed a small part of history and i never wanted any glory only the chance to build it.I got alot of creativity from my father Archie, he had made and built some crazy things in our basement for some of the highlights ; the Worlds first FRP Deep sea diver helmet with a 2way comunication set up he Built it for a US Naval Diver he also had made a pleasure craft that was know back in the late sixtys early seventys named ScooBeDoo the company name was Uniglass Plastics the ScooBe Doo grew up when times were crazy and somehow *ahem ended up in the U.S. as what is now known as SeaDoo.Pretty awsome guy my father was.No Glory for him or my Awsome mother Betty but they always seemed to get us out in the bush camping and Dirt biking Go=Carting to mention a very small few of the family things we did.

  Camping as a little squirt Had Always always been the perfect spot with next to no one around with the exceptions of the whole North Vancouver Rebels M.C.C.

   I could never ever think i was raised wrong ,what a roit my parents were,Church never carried the same meaning that all of the neighbour hood kids were familiar with. and they still probanly don't understand what it was. Now i never thought anything of it because i was a little tyke but for some passer-by it might have looked unusual to see a 1959 delivery van and about sixty bikes drive straight off the road into the bushes (Made thier own road).Bodies flying everywhere off of thier bikes of all makes shapes and whatever could start up and a funny looking square sided english built delivery van loaded from top to botom and front to back of BEER Lots of Beer.

 This was how i learned engineering watching everyone  get together and lift the beer van, bikes emptys ,trash and hung over unknowing expectant mothers back onto the road to start the work week all over.

 Well i have made a few marks in this world and have done way to many dangerous things in work and pleasure i regret none.I have a colourfull vocabulary and strong feelings to my country of birth and they are not happy words.

  Two Wheels are what i have been raised on and i hope my 3 Sons carry some of that with them and a few others that are not to be mentioned. Well my life is running down and i need to get a jump start on the golden years so I'm starting off on the next adventure riding across Canada in the Winter,

  Ya ya i know nuts F***in Stupid with a capital "!" Well, I call it two things , for the one and most important it will be a Personal Memorial Tribute Ride in Remeberance of the N.Van. Rebels MCC (my big family) and the second thing i would call it is a prepritory ride for the WORLD  my time in what i used to call my country has come to an end .

  Apon completion of this never been done before ever ride to Cartright Labrdor and back to my little cabin next to the ocean on Vancouver Island i will be getting all of my affairs sorted and then embarking on a endless ride around ,across ,through and probably end up underneath in the World some where.






But for right now ,I'm StillaRat in a cage.